Facilitating leadership and innovation on policy and management issues in conservation and environmental protection

Boldon Group Incorporated works with business, NGO, academic and government partners to develop expert forums that convene thought leaders and practitioners to provide clear, science-based and innovative policy options on a wide range of issues. We also provide advisory services to assist clients to understand and address policy and management issues in conservation and environmental protection.

Our work embraces five themes:

Over the past 27 years our experience has encompassed a broad range of issues across Canada and internationally, including: the development of policy and legislation at the federal, provincial and municipal levels; energy resource development; sustainable forest policy and management; water policy; biodiversity conservation and protected areas; climate change and carbon offsets; the management of toxic chemicals; environmental governance; audits and program evaluations; and the creation and review of standards, corporate stewardship programs, certification programs and voluntary initiatives.

Click here for a list of companies, government agencies and NGOs who have sponsored or participated in our expert forums or who have been clients for our advisory services.