Developing innovative non-regulatory approaches to conservation and environmental protection

Boldon Group Incorporated is committed to exploring new approaches to sustainability and environmental protection.  Our President, Paul Griss, helped to develop the 1991 New Directions Group report, Reducing and Eliminating Toxic Substances in Canada, which led to the federal government’s Accelerated Reduction and Elimination of Toxics (ARET) program, one of Canada’s first voluntary environmental programs. Since then, we’ve led initiatives that examined the application of the precautionary principle in environmental decision making and the use of life cycle assessment in the development of environmental policy.  We are leading experts in the design and evaluation of voluntary or non-regulatory approaches to environmental protection and in the provision of incentives for action through these instruments.

We have also convened teams of business and NGO leaders for confidential discussions with the senior management of Environment Canada and Alberta Environment (both at the request of the Deputy Ministers) and with the federal Minister of Environment to discuss innovative ways of delivering their departmental responsibilities.  And we have conducted several senior level workshops on fostering innovation both in government and in business.