Managerial experience relating to conservation and environmental protection

Prior to creating Boldon Group Incorporated, Paul Griss spent eleven years as executive director of two large, nongovernmental organizations.

Paul served as Executive Director of the Canadian Nature Federation (now Nature Canada) from 1986-1992. In this capacity he led the CNF through the development of a comprehensive strategic plan, and a period of significant growth in programs, profile and budget.  At the time, the CNF comprised 145 affiliated naturalist organizations and 20,000 individual members and donors.  The CNF’s extensive programs of advocacy and education addressed the environment and the economy, wildlife and habitat conservation, parks and protected areas, and public awareness and communications.  The CNF publishes the quarterly magazine Nature Canada and during Paul’s tenure operated a retail and mail-order merchandising business.

Before joining the CNF, Paul served as Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society from 1981-1986. The WHS is one of Canada's largest member-supported animal welfare organizations and Paul led the organization through a period of substantial improvement in budget, membership, operations, facilities, programs, and community relations.  The WHS operates a large animal shelter and veterinary clinic and also offers the community a 24 hour emergency service, pet therapy visitations, and extensive programs of humane education.

In these roles, Paul gained significant experience in: