Expert WorkshopS

Developing national expert workshops on conservation and environmental protection issues leading to strategic policy options

BGI works with a wide range of government, business and institutional partners to construct expert workshops on topical issues that are broad, inclusive and science-based. We develop and facilitate these workshops and produce "state of the debate" reports that incorporate the expert presentations and discussion and provide policy guidance for decision-makers.


National Symposium on the Status of Integrated Land Management in Canada - a two-day event convened in partnership between Canada Land Resource Innovations and the Canadian Model Forest Network that examined opportunities for and impediments to the application of integrated land management.

State of Science on Forest Carbon Management - this two-day workshop convened leading scientists, decision-makers and stakeholders to explore the relationship between current scientific knowledge and the policy and management options for forest carbon management.

Water Management in Canada: National Workshop Series - this project of Pollution Probe was a series of five progressive national workshops run in partnership with 19 organizations involving 68 presentations and over 200 expert participants that resulted in the document Towards a Vision and Strategy for Water Management in Canada.

Forest Carbon Management Pilots Series - drawing on the Forest Carbon Management Workshop Series (below), this initiative engaged proponents of eight on-the-ground demonstration projects with policy makers and emissions trading experts to develop a Forest Carbon Management Protocol and Guidance Document, the first document of its kind in Canada.

Forest Carbon Management Workshop Series - a national series of five progressive workshops mounted with the support of 15 government, industry and institutional partners that brought together over 100 forest sector experts to assess the implications for Canada of the forest provisions of the Kyoto Protocol.